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Board Meeting Minutes


                      BISMARCK MUNICIPAL PARKING AUTHORITY                     


MAY 12,2016


The Bismarck Municipal Parking Authority met in regular session on the above date at

9:00A.M. in the David J Blackstead meeting room in the City-County Building, 221 N 5th St.,                                                                               Bismarck, North Dakota. Chairman Jim Christianson presided.


Members present: Jim Christianson, Claire Anne Holmberg, Russ

                     Kadlec and Brian Peterson

Members absent: Dina Baird


Staff Members: Rocky Gordon, Lola Weichel, Dennis Torgerson

                          Alan Mastel, Jason Tomaneck and Daniel Nairn


Others present: Madison Cermak, Kate Herzog, and Parrell Grossman




Chairman Jim Christianson called for consideration of the minutes of the April 14, 2016                                                                                     meeting.


MOTION A motion was made by Brian Peterson, seconded by Claire Anne Holmberg and                                                                                  unanimously approved by all members present that the minutes of the April 14,

2016 meeting be approved.



MOTION: A motion was made by Brian Peterson, seconded by Russ Kadlec with a roll call                                                                                     vote, Russ-aye, Claire Anne-aye, Jim-aye and Brian-aye to approve the April                                                                                                       financial statement.




Report on Parkade facade update


 Rocky reported that Sanford had not made a decision on new signage on the                                                                                                          Parkade facade. Discuss was held if no decision was made by the next meeting we                                                                                                     will proceed with a portion of the cleanup.


Review Pay Requests


Rocky presented a number of bills for review that were previously approved.





There being no further business, Chainnan Jim Christianson declared the Bismarck Municipal

Parking Authority adjourned at 9:42A.M. and will meet again in regular session June 9, 2016.


                                                                               ROCKY GORDON, SECRETARY


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