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From time to time, staff at the Parking Authority has the opportunity to dispel rumors or myths that have circulated through the years with regard to parking in the downtown ramps. Some have been mentioned more times than we care to count so listed below are a few of the most common myths and facts to clarify any misunderstandings.

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#1. Parking After-Hours and on the Weekend is Free

The normal parking rates apply after hours and on the weekends in the Parkade & Galleria Ramps. The Third & Main Ramp has free parking from 4:00 pm till 2:oo am seven days a week. If you enter before 4:00 pm or leave after 2:00 am Normal rates apply.   If the cashier booth is not manned, a drop slot for payments and/or tickets is available at each one of the cashier window exit lanes.

#2. Parking is Free During Storms

Again, normal parking rates apply.  Hourly parking cost can be reduced by 50% by purchasing Park Smart coupons in advance.  Please call 222-8954 for more details, or, stop at our Parkade office to purchase these coupons.

#3. Free Parking for the Belle Mehus Events

Again, normal parking rates apply unless otherwise posted on the ticket dispenser.

#4. On the Weekend or After 5 PM, I Can Park Anywhere I Want

No, this is not the case.  When a lease is drafted and signed with an individual or a company, it is made known as to where parking is permitted.  Lower level parking spaces are reserved for hourly parking 24/7.  Monthly parkers will find a violation notice and/or a pay envelope on their windshield if found parked in one of these prime parking spaces.  Everyone is expected to follow the same set of rules.

#5. Photographs are Allowed in the Parking Ramps

Photography is allowed in a safe manner.  Vehicle traffic is constant, and pedestrians are responsible to conduct themselves in a safe manner. No prolonged standing in traffic lanes when traffic is moving in the ramps, and no leaning on or hanging over side walls.

#6. “If I Don’t Have Any Money, I Can Go Get Some, Right?”

No, payment is expected in full when exiting the ramp.  The Parkade ramp is the only parking facility that can process charges in the amount of $10 or more on Visa, Master Card, or Discover debit and credit cards. 


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